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QuikShef Ready-to-eat

Enjoy wholesome and savory food from the comfort of your home in just 3 steps – Open, Heat, and Serve. With QuikShef’s Ready-to-eat range of products, you get home-cooked-style food anywhere, anytime in just 3 simple steps.

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QuikShef Restaurant

We, at QuikShef, believe in creating an environment of good food and a good time. Delivering quality food at a reasonable price is at the core of QuikShef’s motto. Today, in the era of multiple options for consumers, what sets a food establishment, such as QuikShef, apart is the preparation time.

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wol power

WOL Power

Born from the extraordinary, crafted uniquely for you! WOL Power, one of the most popular products of Wardwizard Foods & Beverages offers you an experience of taste & flavours that defy the ordinary. This Energy Drink is curated to redefine your taste experience with its energizing flavours and unique taste.

wol beverages

WOL Beverages

WOL or Water of Life is a Flagship brand of Wardwizard Foods & Beverages specially created with a refreshing twist for the young generation. Launched in May 2022 at the hands of renowned celebrity Mr Sharad Kelkar WOL Beverages quickly gained popularity due to its unique taste. The variety of WOL beverage flavours includes COLA, ORANGE, and LEMON along with WOL mineral water

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